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FREE - Digital Photo Mounts  

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image taken       from family photo

& inserted into      locket frame & incorporated into a Digital Painting

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Mount Colours

Nearly all Digital Paintings will be in portrait layout as it is better suited to the subject matter.
Portraits of Children – Adults – Friends – Pets, all are generally best portrayed in portrait layout

Digital mounts can be used to enhance your painting to make it unique & special to you.
Mounts can be composed of several layers to give a given effect - Colour - Texture - Themes – Colour Tints
 - Applied Elements & composition

(extra personalisation ie: awards honours medals etc.)
Not all mounts will suite a photo / digital painting. To keep things simple we can guide you through the process. Generating a digital mount can be more complex than producing the digital painting itself.


FREE jpg image of completed painting to share

FREE with all Digital Painting Orders
The  object of any applied mount is to compliment the subject & not to overpower the painting.
All orders are proofed before release so you can see what you are getting & all meets with your approval.

STEP 1           

select the mount colour from the colour matcher  CMYK code

make a note of your selection