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FREE - Digital Photo Mounts  

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image taken       from family photo

& inserted into      locket frame & incorporated into a Digital Painting

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Mount Cut-Outs


FREE jpg image of completed painting to share

FREE with all Digital Painting Orders

Digital Mount Cut-Outs are just like the real thing but with more detail and selection of shapes. A digital mount can save you money against purchasing the real thing. It is printed as part of the digital painting and is part of its design.

Cut-outs can be complex and can form any shape that can be drawn - the trick is knowing what to leave behind as shown in the examples on the inner frame images.

Some frames can take many hours to generate and offer good value when ordered FREE as part of a digital painting.

Some cut-outs will have beveled edge effect applied, just like the real thing if applicable - All part of the finished Digital Painting.

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