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FREE - Digital Photo Mounts 

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Just email Sam Clifford >  cliff@samclifford123.plus.com

and attach your photo to the email

We will then add a designer mount of your choice or your can design your own,  select from the above links or just let us do it for you.

When complete we will return it to you FREE of charge.

please read our terms of use > HELP-TERMS how to

It is assumed that all photos & info required to customise any order or any Free offers are owned by the sender/has any relivent permissions and by placing an request/order the sender confirms & allows the use/reproduction of the same to include copyright policy.
Sam Clifford acting in good faith accepts no liability for any infringements made to third parties copyrights & privacy by the sender.

Complies with our privacy policy.

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available mounts are too numerous to display.  New mounts are constantly being added please revisit for a full overview  OR   let me know what you want