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Customised Photographers Digital Photo Mounts 

Keen on taking pictures? Interested in image  design? Love making personalized DIY gifts?

If any of these are true for you, then you must try Digital Photo Mount Designs - an all-in-one solution to make your photos unique & shine.

Can be used over & over - save money - Brand with your own studio details

available mounts are too numerous to display New mounts are constantly being added please revisit for a full overview

unlimited possibilities

All digital mounts displayed can be customised and colour matched to suite your decor

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FREE Sample Photo Mount Packs  worth £18.00

PNG files that can be overlaid on your photo & used over & over

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Customised Digital Photo Mounts 

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FREE Sample Photo Mount Pack WORTH £18

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FREE Digital Photo Mount Pack-5

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It is assumed that all photos & info required to customise any order or any Free offers are owned by the sender/has any relevant permissions and by placing an request/order the sender confirms & allows the use/reproduction of the same to include copyright policy.
Sam Clifford & Dealers acting in good faith accepts no liability for any infringements made to third parties copyrights & privacy by the sender.                
Complies with our privacy policy.

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The DPM Digital photo mount is an original piece of artwork that looks like the real thing with endless variations which will be customised to maximise the display and compliment your photo or any artwork.   

Every picture tells a story and it is best display within a frame and photo mount, the digital mount when combined with your photo/artwork will form and be part of the photo/artwork - a new/improved variation that will be a bit extra special and unique to you.  


A Digital Photo Mount is made up of several layers to achieve a desired look and can be complex in its construction. Any given layer can be of  - multiple  colours - multiple variable colour tints - multiple textures - multiple cut outs - a photo/ digital image and more, then all are blended together to create a finished mount. There are endless combinations  that can be applied. 16 billion colour mixes + endless textures + multiple cut out shapes for the mount and a bevelled cut edge on the cut out to finish on most mounts.  Mounts can be orientated to landscape or portrait and can be produced to fit standard and large format applications/sizes with no limitations except the reproduction process and print medium limits that the mount is being reproduced from.  Customised elements  - personalising - inner frames - pinstriping for a digital mount can be complex in itself and can mix vector graphics with digital art again with endless possibilities.

Digital mounts can be used to enhance your photo print to make it unique & special to you.
Not all mounts will suite a photo print/digital painting. To keep things simple we can guide you through the process. Generating a digital mount can be more complex that producing a digital painting itself.
The object of any applied mount is to compliment the subject & not to overpower the principle subject/photo. All firm orders are proofed before release so you can see what you are getting & that all meets with your approval.

Select a mount that you like from the site galleries  - Please include the mount code when ordering/enquiring/register an interest.
FREE with all firm digital painting/photo print orders - FREE when you register an interest, offers may vary

Designer mounts have been designed to be part of a painting/photo that frames and enhances the painting/photo – can be personalised with text & images.

Digital standard mounts can be produced to your own style & requirements to complement your décor
With a choice of over 16 billion colour variations – choice of colour tints - choice of textures - choice of style
All mounts designer & generated mounts are FREE with any firm order for a digital painting/Photo Prints and free offers.


FREE jpg image of completed painting to share

FREE with all Digital Painting/Photo Print Orders 


IDEAL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS - ARTISTS - CRAFTER    -   don't bury your memories in a draw make them special and hang them on your wall 

When ordered a DPM digital photo mount of your choice or design is added to best compliment your special photo. Design your own to match your décor or just pick one of the many displayed in our galleries and quote the code we can also alter the colours to suite, we can help you through the process or just let us pick one for you. We will then add any personalisation that you want to completely capture and record your memory.

Don't worry it's not hit and miss as we proof the whole process before printing to ensure you get exactly what you want and only print when you have approved the finalised work.   You will also receive a free jpg image to share with friends and family - posted to your social media page.

Our systems can generate and reproduce 16 billions colour ranges within the production process  not to mention a vast number of textures that can be blended with colours to create any style or mix that takes your fancy. - No Limits